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Is Comfort your Priority at Home?

YESS!! Everybody wants comforts in life and everyone works hard to achieve this. To make your dream house, you earn money, work hard & more. You might have hired a good architect and consulted him while making your house. He can build for you a beautiful ventilated strong house in right ratio.

But again at the End of Day, you are not getting Peace in your house. Why? Have you consulted any vastu expert and followed some basic vastu principles, for proving this a lucky one?

Ritu Gupta @ Vastu for Home

Ritu Gupta is there to make your home a DREAM HOME and will solve all your tensions. She is expert in providing you solutions for all kind of Vastu Areas including Vastu for Home / Residential Vastu. She knows that all the ten directions have great significance in vastu and has undergone a great research on all.

How Directions are related to Our Life @ Astrology for Home!!

She researched that as in a human body each and every part has its own importance but head which encloses brain – giving direction to whole system of body, and foot – giving base to whole body, are the most important, likewise North – East is the head, and South – West is the foot for house. If any house has defect in North – East and South – West direction, its chief and the family are surrounded by mental tension and Points needing care in building.

Astrology for Home

Ask Ritu Gupta for all your queries and she can provide complete solutions of Vastu for Home to you. As a Vaastu Expert, She will explain the guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.

Know Vastu Tips for Home and remove all your worries!

Vaastu Tips