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Astrologer and Vastu Consultant India

Vastu and Astrology have been practiced throughout the world since times immemorial. Almost everyone around you has heard about the panchabhutas, the five elements (space, air, fire, water, earth). In fact, Vastu Shastra is an art of accurate setting where one can place things in the surroundings along with oneself in an appropriate way to get the maximum benefit from those five elements.

Each area of your life viz. Money, Health, Romance, Travel, Family, Friends, Children, Business & Profession etc. are influenced by the Planets and their movements. Astrologer and Vaastu is a great solution for those who are suffering from these areas.

Ritu Gupta, Astrologer and Vastu Consultant India, goes beyond the realm of these two sciences and offers “The Promise of a Happy Life”.

Ritu Gupta, Vastu Expert in India

Mrs. Ritu Gupta joined Vaastu Science Research Foundation in 2001 as a Director & started Disha Institute of Vaastu in 2002 for the purpose of promoting Vaastu Shastra, Vaastu Courses, Vaastu Vidya, Vastu Institutes,Vaastu Astrology Services, Feng Shui to make more comfortable, happy and successful life.

Talking about the perfect amalgamation of Vastu application with astrology; Ritu Gupta is someone on whom you can really bank upon. She is someone who has achieved some considerable feats in this field. She has organized exhibitions in Atlanta, Baltimore, Toranto, London, Singapore, Honkong and India to educate people.

How Ritu Gupta astrologer and vastu consultant helps:

A naturally positive person, Ritu Gupta offers re-assuring solutions through the genuine understanding of the individual’s problems and soothes away worries with simple remedies.

Having studied under four very learned masters Ritu Gupta has herself spent 17 years to widen her horizon in the field of Astrology and Vaastu. She has had the opportunity to help over 8000 clients in India and abroad.

Her deep understanding of both sciences gives her the ability to take a more holistic view of problems and suggest practical solutions. A perfect blend of the balanced environment is created by the scientific use of these elements; besides you can also gain enhanced health, wealth and prosperity. Ritu Gupta will help you to create a balancing life and some simple remedies and easy to follow tips to enrich your personal energy. A healthy mind and healthy body is a promise of Vastu shastra and Ritu Gupta assure you to deliver happy life.

Vastu Expert in India @ Ritu Gupta & Vastu for Home:

Vastu correction is just not shifting master bedroom to the south-west and shifting kids’ rooms to north-east. Connect to the internet, you will find the abundance of such practices and get tips, but these basic topics are just not enough, many people even suffer and encounter misery after seeking the help of such practitioners.

Vastu shastra is holistic science that deals with the law of nature and teaches you the art of living. There is a need of Vastu audit that balances the bio-energy of your house and maintain a homoeostatic balance of the house. Ritu Gupta helps you in the same direction. She offer re-assuring solutions through the genuine understanding of the individual’s problems and soothe away worries with simple remedies.

Health Astrology:

The moment someone feels sick, he consults a doctor and simply take medicine, but he never think about the planetary position of the nine stars of the Zodiac and something negative implanted in the corner of the home.

Ritu Gupta found that Vastu not only offers the solution for outer visible, but it remove the negative energy and transform you into the positive person. Vastu creates suitable energies of plants, magnetic and earth field.

Thus, energy level improves the powerful positive energy by material or physical mean. She strength your inner soul and soothe away worries with simple remedies.

The most unique aspect of her work has been in the field of Medical Astrology where a very deep study of the minutes detail is required. Often she has been approached by patients who have lost all hope of recovery and she has managed to do the seemingly impossible for them. In fact she now spends most of her time in researching and working on solutions in the field of medical astrology.


  • Hi Ritu! I just wanted to share with you that the remedy you suggested for my back worked like a miracle. I was suffering since last 11 years and no doctor could figure out the problem. Physiotherapy helped me but that was temporary.As you know that I was going regularly to my physiotherapist and now it's been 3 months that i have'nt seen her at all. I can do everything now easily without stress.I don't know how it happened but you are the best person on this earth who gave me relief from such bad pain. A BIG HUG TO YOU and MILLION THANKS.
    You deserve the best

  • Ritu Gupta is a gifted astrologer who is very passionate about the work she does. She is also a very warm, compassionate and genuine person with a heart of gold. She is a very positive and spreads her positivity to everyone.

  • I have known her since 2001, What started as a relationship of astrologer and client has changed into something much more personal, I have found a great friend in her who I know will stand by me in time of need.

  • I have nothing but praise for her and her work. I would recommend her highly.

  • Just to share with you that Disha institute is really a good platform to learn VAASTU as the approach to teach is very practical. You don’t need to refer the book as the class room teaching is very practical and simple. The remedies are also very simple and easy to adopt.

  • I have simply applied few remedies in my office and one of the process which about to go back to client was not only got stable here but client propose more work to do.

  • Needless to say that I’m very satisfied with teaching method of Disha Institute.