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Get Astrology tips for a healthy Relationship

Are you facing problems in your relationship? Ritu Gupta is here to tell you the problem with solution. As we know Vastu influences physical, mental and financial health in many ways. Disequilibrium in any of these health cause the problems in relation. It will give positive and negative impact as well.

If the bed of the couple is at south east it can have effect on their health. Obviously there physical relations are not good. And will have many disputes as well. Couple should sleep at south west. It will improve their relationship.

If bed is at North-West or south center then their relation will be very formal with each other. They will communicate only about financial issues.

Astrology Relationship Advice @ DivinelifebyRitu

People who have Vastu dosh at south west corner or have door at south west did not have good relations with their neighborhoods. Also have relationship problems. Nowadays having good relationships in life has really become a tough challenge for most of the people.

Astrology Consultant Ritu Gupta have good experience in dealing with relationships problem. She is able to solve the problems with different kinds of relationships issues with colleagues, friends and family.

So, if you are feeling helpless to have healthy relationships in life, you can consult us anytime with all your relationship issues.

CONSULT ASTROLOGER Ritu Gupta FOR RIGHT DIRECTION…… For Vastu Tips for Happy Relationship happiness, career and business you can contact us.

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