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Hi Ritu! I just wanted to share with you that the remedy you suggested for my back worked like a miracle. I was suffering since last 11 years and no doctor could figure out the problem. Physiotherapy helped me but that was temporary.As you know that I was going regularly to my physiotherapist and now it's been 3 months that i have'nt seen her at all. I can do everything now easily without stress.I don't know how it happened but you are the best person on this earth who gave me relief from such bad pain. A BIG HUG TO YOU and MILLION THANKS.
You deserve the best

My association with Ritu Gupta goes back approximately 13yrs. During this period, I have seen Ritu Gupta grow in her field of astrology not just to a better productive astologer but to a full fledged consultant on every aspect of life. Her helpful nature and the confidence and conviction in her words has always been so reassuring that no matter how difficult the path Ritu Gupta will find a way to steer you through it in the best possible way, making sure you hardly feel the bumps. Through both good times and bad times I have known Ritu Gupta to be a wonderful guide. She helps one to maximise.

She is a lifestyle consultant and one who works so closely with you as an individual that you feel you have a close friend who can help you through almost anything! Thanks Ritu Gupta for the many times you have helped me & my family.

On the good times and to deal carefully with the difficult time. Life is surely full of ups and downs but with a guide such a Ritu Gupta by your side you are reassured that you can deal with anything. From my own experience I can say that through problems of health, family, children and work she has always been there to help me. Most recently I was going through a problem with my back and once again Ritu Gupta came forward to help me. Though I continued with my medical treatment she reassured and guided me once again of the many small ways in which I could help myself to heal better. Today I am well on the way to recovery but meanwhile she has cautioned me that for a certain period of time I have to be cautious and careful about some things and activities. This reminder is so important for when someone warns you that the road ahead may have potholes you remember to take care. In this day & age when we look for consultants for every aspect of our life we should not forget the person who can guide us about our wholeself. Ritu Gupta is not just an astrologer.

Ritu Gupta is a gifted astrologer who is very passionate about the work she does. She is also a very warm, compassionate and genuine person with a heart of gold. She is a very positive and spreads her positivity to everyone.

I have known her since 2001, What started as a relationship of astrologer and client has changed into something much more personal, I have found a great friend in her who I know will stand by me in time of need.

I have nothing but praise for her and her work. I would recommend her highly.

Just to share with you that Disha institute is really a good platform to learn VAASTU as the approach to teach is very practical. You don’t need to refer the book as the class room teaching is very practical and simple. The remedies are also very simple and easy to adopt.

I have simply applied few remedies in my office and one of the process which about to go back to client was not only got stable here but client propose more work to do.

Needless to say that I’m very satisfied with teaching method of Disha Institute.